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Nictiz is the Dutch competence centre for electronic exchange of health and care information. We help healthcare move forward with standards based semantic interoperability. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so a key factor in our portfolio is qualification testing. This is a prerequisite before entering some of the Dutch main infrastructures. Qualification testing builds trust in the system as a whole.

For FHIR we have leveraged the AEGIS Touchstone platform from the start. We have done so in favor of extending our home grown solution for HL7 V3/CDA, and after careful selection process. We test vendor implementations for use cases like medication, primary care, patient summary and a dozen others. Over the years, AEGIS has treated Nictiz not only as a valued customer, but also as a partner in making healthcare better.

Alexander Henket
Team Lead HL7

As the leading Health IT testing and certification organization, when Drummond Group prepared to develop and launch comprehensive FHIR testing and certification services, a survey of the FHIR testing platforms available revealed that Touchstone stood out as the most robust and comprehensive technology.

Drummond has incorporated Touchstone as a cornerstone of the future of its FHIR testing and certification for our certification against both ONC and CMS Final Rules requiring FHIR API implementation and any future FHIR testing and certification initiative. It is a core component of our business, and should be considered for widespread adoption of FHIR testing across the board.

Timothy Bennett
Director of Strategic Healthcare Initiatives
Drummond Group