FHIR Implementation Rocket Fuel

Touchstone is your FHIR® Implementation Accelerator, anchoring the AEGIS Conformance Ecosystem: Industry-leading FHIR® TestScript testing engine, our WildFHIR reference implementation servers (RIs) and thousands of ready-to-run test scripts–all available 24 hours per day.

Touchstone precisely measures your FHIR® conformance.

Incorporating Touchstone into your build process provides continuous, objective, FHIR conformance measurements as your implementation evolves.

Knowledge is Your Super Power

Knowing your FHIR® conformance score arms you with objective evidence of interoperability. No more guessing.

Faster time to “Done.”

Fewer bugs mean less rework and faster time to market.

More Dev Signal. Less QA Noise.

Touchstone automates the QA process, saving you money on QA efforts and developer re-work. That’s music to your wallet.

Confidential Results

Unless you choose to let Touchstone brag about you, your testing results are private.

Touchstone in the background

Why Testing Matters

Don’t take our word for it.

Listen to industry experts.


For Smart Developers

Touchstone automates your implementation testing so you don’t have to write tests or slog through specs to fix bugs.

Smart Bird

For Standards Bodies

Gather actionable data, not empty attestations or pundit exhaust, as you bask in the glow of objective FHIR conformance scores.

Savvy Cat

For Evil Geniuses

Spend more time perfecting your plans for taking over the world, because you’ll spend less time testing and debugging FHIR.

Launch your rocket

Ready for blast-off?

Accelerate your FHIR implementations with Touchstone.