Touchstone Implementation Services meet you where you are, and we provide exactly the help you need

Healthcare is a complicated domain, and the FHIR standards and implementation guides (IGs) reflect this rich texture. Compared to earlier generations of healthcare specifications, FHIR is a vast improvement in approachability, and it is designed to promote incremental feature development.

  • Do you need further assistance understanding your FHIR Validator error messages?
  • Do you need additional help knowing where to look in the FHIR Specification for the requirements you need to implement?
  • Do you need someone who can look at the errors appearing in Touchstone and guide your team through potential solutions?

Testing with Touchstone continues to help development teams shorten the FHIR implementation learning curve and help quality assurance teams move through testing to expedite systems achieving a production ready state.   Navigating the validation results and FHIR complaint remediation can stretch development and quality assurance teams resources.  Our Implementation Services team has been working with organizations implementing and testing FHIR systems with Touchstone and they are ready to help you.

Our active involvement in creating the FHIR specifications and our collaboration with FHIR Accelerators and with the hundreds of organizations using Touchstone has given our FHIR Implementation Services team the experience your organization can leverage to accelerate and validate your FHIR implementations.

Our engagements are easy to initiate, and they are tailored to just what your teams need; no more, and no less.